Hello! I’m Abby. I reclaimed my weekends after photographing weddings for 8 years in the mountains of North Carolina. In 2016, I spent six months at Nashville Software School in Cohort 16 learning JavaScript, AngularJS, Python, and Django.

Photographing well over a hundred weddings, I learned a few things along the way:

  • There is beauty in the tiny details
  • The story must naturally unfold
  • but schedules and clear communication are key
  • Pivot, and pivot fast!

I bring the same passion and mindset to work. For me, coding is a craft and I strive to bring clarity and detail to my code. I advocate lovingly and relentlessly for end users.

The best work days…

Are spent working closely with project managers, UI/UX designers, and walking through the data with teammates. Creating reusable components is my jam and I love getting my hands on new designs.

Currently working with:

  • React
  • Ruby on Rails

I’ve worked with:

  • JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular 6+, Ionic 3 & 4, Vue
  • HTML, CSS, Sass, Sass Architecture
  • Bootstrap 3 & 4, Bulma, Custom theming
  • PHP, Laravel, MySQL

…and a little less often:

  • Python, Django, Locust (Load testing)
  • Exposure to C#, .NET, MVC


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