I'm Abby, a wedding photographer turned full stack developer. I started in the world of digital media, but quickly fell in love with photographing weddings in the mountains of North Carolina. Six years and over a hundred weddings later, I realized that I wanted to reclaim my summers and weekends. I've learned that writing code allows me to be analytical and creative. I'm looking forward to exploring Nashville and perhaps I'll get around to trying hot chicken this year...maybe.

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JavaScript, Angular, Grunt, Firebase, HTML, CSS, Sass, Bootstrap

Inspired by promoting self care, "MeTime" was built during the final front-end two week sprint at Nashville Software School. Users can login, view a collection of self care cards, select their favorites, create their own cards, edit and delete. I challenged myself to understand data relationships by creating my own data. Overall, this project was a pure joy and is still a reminder to be kind to myself.

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